Last week of school!

Last week of school info & dress code!

If you haven’t already done so, please send the order form & money in tomorrow Monday, 6/16, if you wish to purchase lunch from Wednesday’s food truck. There will be no other hot lunch this day.

Monday, 6/16: Regular uniform 

Tuesday, 6/17: Sports clothes or PE clothes (remember…. it’s the Jog-a-thon! 8:45-9:15.)

Wednesday, 6/18: Clothes that can get dirty or PE clothes (Grub & scrub day!)

Thursday, 6/19: Regular uniform OR free dress for those that donated $20+ for jog-a-thon

Friday, 6/20: “Sunday” Best. Graduation Mass 9-10am. Dismissal from church at 10am!

Thank you for a wonderful year! I will miss each & every one of you. Please keep in touch; you can never send too many pictures 😉



June 9th – 13th

Screen shot 2012-06-06 at 7.34.46 PM

 Last week of school info:

Tuesday, 6/17:

  • Jog-a-thon! 8:45-9:15. Come and cheer the runners on! The class that raises the most money earns a pizza party on Thursday 6/19!
  • “Step-up” to 2nd grade! 1:45-2:45. Students will spend an hour in 2nd grade learning all about what to expect for next year.

Wednesday, 6/18:

  • Grub & scrub day! Students will come to school in PE clothes or other clothes that can get dirty. This day is dedicated to cleaning our classroom/school. Lunch will be provided by the “Bowled and Beautiful” food truck. An order form went home in the family folders this weekend. Please send the order form & money in by Monday, 6/16, if you wish to purchase lunch. There will be no other hot lunch this day.

Thursday, 6/19:

  • Magic Show with Fr. Blantz 2-3pm on the yard

Friday, 6/20:

Graduation Mass 9-10am. I encourage ALL parents to come as students will be dismissed from the Church at 10am.

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: We will continue to discuss songs as prayers. We will take our last chapter test and review for the unit test.

Math & Language Arts: Lots of testing this week! Review & intro to 2nd grade

Science: Seasons, forms of matter: solid, liquid, gas, & how heating and cooling changes things


20 minutes of reading; No math, no spelling!

***Reminder: Friday, 6/13 – Italian ice! $4 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops***


June 2nd – June 6th

photo 1-33 photo 2-31

Thank you to Mrs. Quan from Barnsdall Arts and Hazel Dee (2nd grade mom) for helping us create our class quilt full of USA symbols! See it hung on the wall next to the main entrance across from the 1st grade classroom 🙂


  • Friday, 6/6: Baccalaureate Mass at 9am. If you are walking your child you must sign them out (and then back in). We will leave by 8:45am.
  • 6/6 and 6/13: Italian ice! $4 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: We will discover that when we sing with our hearts, we are praying and that holy songs are prayers

Math: Place value, writing addition & subtraction facts, representing numbers to 500 using pictures, estimating and weighing objects

Language Arts: long “i” and “o” & phonograms -ind, -ild, -old

Spelling: find, mind, mild, cold, fold, most, soon, new, boy, building, any, ready, sorry

Sentence 1: Sorry I’m not ready, but I will be soon.

Sentence 2: Most of the buildings are new.

  • High Frequency words: front, nothing
  • Reading: “The Banjo Trick” “Frog and Toad Together” “August Afternoon”
  • Comprehension: Story Elements & Summarizing
  • Vocabulary: tiresome, seized, tremendous, patient, exhausted, outrageous
  • Grammar: Using “go” and “went”

Science: Seasons

Social Studies: Unit 5 – “Good Citizens” – laws, government, leaders, heroes, symbols. We will be reviewing this unit with a study guide and take our test at the end of the week.


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

**This will be the last week of spelling and math homework as we have finished our curriculum!**

Monday: 132B

Tuesday: 133B

Wednesday: 134B

Thursday: 135B


May 26th – 30th

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

image description


  • Tomorrow students will head straight into school (no morning assembly) and we will leave by 8:15am to walk to church for our spring sing rehearsal.
  • Please join us Thursday, 5/29 for our Spring Sing 6-7pm at the Church!
  • Friday 5/30, 6/6 and 6/13: Italian ice! $4 for one scoop, $5 for two scoops

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion:  We will discuss how to love and serve others. We will review for and take our Chapter 19 test on Friday.

Math: Problem solving, probability, place value

Language Arts: “oo” 

Spelling: boot, tooth, soon, noon, new, grew, story, hurry, great, took, tomorrow, boy, toward

Sentence 1: Your tooth will come out soon!

Sentence 2: We’ll go there tomorrow at noon.

  • High Frequency words: building, welcoming
  • Reading: “A New Room by the Sea” “Sand Castle” “Shape the Seashore”
  • Comprehension: Details, story structure
  • Vocabulary: wriggle, prickly, interested, cooperative, construct, assist
  • Grammar: Using “was” and “were”

Science: We will continue discussing weather patterns, tools to measure weather, and seasons

Social Studies: Unit 5 – “Good Citizens” – laws, government, leaders. Tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/27) I will be giving each student an American symbol to research for an art project.


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

Tuesday: No math (practice for Spring Sing); Students will have their American symbol assignment instead. 

Wednesday: 130B

Thursday: 131B



May 19th -23rd

Join us for our school TALENT SHOW Thursday, 5/22 from 1-3pm on the yard.

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion:  Tuesday, 5/20 May Crowning & Procession 9-10am. We will discuss Mary and celebrate her in the month of May. We will also learn how the Church helps our entire world.

Math: Subtraction facts, temperature, probability, place value

Language Arts:

Spelling: funny, happy, story, stories, hurry, hurried, how, out, baby, done, great, almost, took

Sentence 1: The story was very funny and great!

Sentence 2: We almost took the baby out to play.

  • High Frequency words: able, blue, poured, traveled
  • Reading: “Patty’s Family Sketches” “At the Crayon Factory” “Crayons”
  • Comprehension: Details, rereading
  • Vocabulary: properly, familiar, arrived, anticipate, numerous, vibrant
  • Grammar: Verbs that tell about the past; synonyms & antonyms

Science:  We will continue discussing weather patterns, tools to measure weather, and seasons

Social Studies: Unit 5 – “Good Citizens” – laws, government, leaders


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

Monday: 127B

Tuesday: No homework! (May Crowning & Procession)

Wednesday: 128B

Thursday: 129B

Reminder: NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, 5/23 (teacher inservice) and MONDAY, 5/26 (Memorial Day)

May 12th – 16th

Join us on Tuesday, 5/13 from 6-7pm for our Technology Showcase. Come check out all the neat things the students have done during Planet Bravo!

Also, the Spring Festival is: Sunday, 5/18 11am-3pm. Fun for the kids & a great way for parents to earn hours!!

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion:  We will continue to discuss Pentecost and take our chapter 18 test. We will also learn how the Church helps our entire world.

Math: Subtraction facts: subtracting 10 from a number, differences of 2, identifying quarters, identifying and drawing polygons

Language Arts: Vowel diphthong /ou/ow; phonograms -out, -ow, -own, -ound

Spelling: how, cow, down, out, found, round, try, light, Earth, table, done, pushed, together

Sentence 1: How is the Earth round?

Sentence 2: Table three worked together and is done.

  • High Frequency words: answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, together
  • Reading: “What Brad Found” “Ebb and Flo and the Baby Seal” “Fellini the Fur Seal”
  • Comprehension: Story elements; making inferences
  • Vocabulary: quivered, wailed, scattered, elated, lonesome, hopeless
  • Grammar: using Am, Is, and Are. Synonyms & antonyms

Science: On Monday we will take our Unit test on animal habitats: coast, stream, and mountain. We will also start discussing weather patterns.

Social Studies: Unit 5 – “Good Citizens” – laws, government, leaders


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

Monday: 123B

Tuesday: 124B

Wednesday: 125B

Thursday: 126B


ATTN: ALL MOTHERS! Here’s to celebrating you… thanks for all you do! Hope you can relax and enjoy a nice cup of English Breakfast black tea 🙂


May 5th – 9th

May is busy! Next week reminders:

  • Tuesday, 5/6: Mass at 8:15am
  • Wednesday, 5/7: Crusader Day (Day filled with activities and games! Students may wear “sports” attire/ PE clothes (jerseys, team shirts, etc. are OK). If your child will be purchasing In N Out for lunch, they must bring their order form and money by Tuesday. Parents are welcome to join for lunch at 11:30am. Italian ice will also be available.
  • Friday, 5/9: Italian ice. Mini: $2       2 scoops: $4


  • Also, 5/9 Talent Show try-outs after school until 2pm. Bring a lunch and any materials needed for the act.

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: We will have our chapter 17 test about the first followers of the Church on Monday. We will discuss Pentecost.

Math: Discussing fractional parts, geometric solids, subtraction facts: differences of 1

Language Arts: Long Vowel /i/y, ie, igh           Contractions: ‘d, ‘ve, ‘re

Spelling: my, try, tried, tries, light, might, use, rule, color, hair, earth, table, thought

Sentence 1: I tried to follow the rule.

Sentence 2: She might use that color.

  • High Frequency words: climbed, earth, fooling, table, thought
  • Reading: “Night Flight” “Blast Off!” “Traveling Through Time”
  • Comprehension: Story elements
  • Vocabulary: fondly, pale, shadowy, imaginative, similar, affectionate
  • Grammar: verbs that tell past and present

Science: Animals and different habitats: coast, stream, mountain

Social Studies: Cinco de Mayo


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

Monday: 120B

Tuesday: 121B

Wednesday: No homework! Crusader Day.

Thursday: 122B

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

April 28th – May 2nd

Welcome back! Hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing spring break!

Reminders: Earth Day writing assignment, April Book Report, and the SLE are all due when we return to school tomorrow Tuesday, 4/29.

Wednesday 4/30: Shakespeare Day! Please contact Miss Barnhill ( if you can donate apple slices, ginger snaps and/or apple cider. Great way to earn hours!

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: To realize that the Church is a world community of all kinds of people & Pentecost

Math: Discussing fractional parts, line segments to the nearest centimeter, geometric solids

Language Arts: Long Vowel (y) oo Inflections: -ed -ing

Spelling: use, cute, cube, tube, tune, rule, nice, large, hear, talk, clear, color, only

Sentence 1: Talk clear so they can hear you.

Sentence 2: Only use a large cube.

  • High Frequency words: clear, color, good-bye, hair, kinds, only, toes
  • Reading: “Duke’s Work” “Amazing Animals” “The Little Turtle”
  • Comprehension: main idea, graphic organizers
  • Vocabulary: deserve, usually, peaceful, variety, incredible, typical
  • Grammar: verbs

Science: Animals and different habitats: coast, stream, mountain


20 minutes of reading & practice for spelling each night!

Monday: No School

Tuesday: 117B

Wednesday: 118B

Thursday: 119B

April 14th – 18th

Mark your calendars!

Thursday, 4/17 is Holy Thursday, 12:30pm dismissal

Friday, 4/18 is Good Friday, NO SCHOOL

4/18-4/28: Spring Break! 

School resumes on TUESDAY, 4/29.

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: Lenten & Easter activities. Mass at 8:15 on Tuesday, 4/15 hosted by 1st grade!

Math: Counting dimes, nickels and pennies, discussing fractional parts

Language Arts: We will be testing all week; no spelling

Social Studies: Unit 4 Test on Monday; Earth day


20 minutes of reading each night!

Monday: 115B

Tuesday: No homework – Mass day

Wednesday: 116B

Thursday: No math homework 🙂

Spring Break Homework:

  • Earth day is 4/22. Over break, students will write a 5 sentence paragraph on why it is important to protect our Earth and ways we can do so. We will discuss paragraph elements and they will take home a graphic organizer (rough draft), and final writing template, with detailed instructions on how to write their paragraph. All items are due Tuesday, 4/29.
  • There will also be another SLE sent home, due 4/29.
  • Students will choose one book to read and do a book report on. Also due 4/29.

As always, email me if you have any questions. Have a wonderful Spring Break!


April 7th – 11th

Bake Sale Thursday and Friday! All proceeds go to the Autism Speaks organization.

What’s on Deck in 1st?

Religion: Lenten activities and Safeguard the Children Lessons

Math: Using comparison symbols (< , > , =), dividing a set of options, computation facts

Language Arts focus: Consonants: s/c, j/g, dge
contractions: ‘s, n’t, ‘ll

Spelling: ice, nice, race, page, edge, large, home, those, love, hello, become, listen, talk, busy

Sentence 1: Listen as I talk about the page.

Sentence 2: Their home is large and nice.

  • High frequency words: become, busy, eyes, high, listen, remembered, talk, visitor
  • Reading: “What is in the hedge?” “Mystery of the Night Song” “Make Some Music”
  • Comprehension: Draw conclusions, make inferences
  • Vocabulary: joy, pleased, stammered, probing, puzzling, unrelenting
  • Grammar: multiple meaning words

Social Studies: We will review Unit 4 and take our test at the end of the week: past, present, future, school long ago and today, transportation and inventions


20 minutes of reading + studying for spelling each night!

Monday: 111B

Tuesday: 112B

Wednesday: 113B

Thursday: 114B

**Reading and Petitions for Mass 4/15 will go home the week. If your child has a part please help them in practicing!**

Have a great weekend 🙂